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Personalised Debt Review / Debt Counselling

DebtSensei can reduce your monthly debt repayments up to 60%.

Below is an example of what we can do for you, depending on your situation.

How does the debt review process work

Become debt free in a few easy steps

Complete Our Form

Complete our information form so we have all your relevant information.

Do You Qualify

We'll do an assessment to see if you qualify to apply for debt review.

Apply For Review

If you qualify, we will notify your creditors that you have applied for debt review.

N.C.R Assessment

We can now assess if you are over indebted according to National Credit Act.

Under Debt Review

If you are found to be over indebted you will be placed under debt review.

Reduced Payment Plan

We'll negotiate a reduced payment plan with all your creditors.

Obtain Court Order

Our attorneys will obtain a court order to enforce the reduced payment plan by law.

Debt Clearance Certificate

Once all your debt has been paid, we will issue you with a debt clearance certificate

Notify Credit Bureaus

We notify the credit bureaus that you have completed the debt review process.

Just some of the financial institution and credit providers we work with